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Do you have a purpose? Have you tapped into your potential? Are you stuck in a dead career? Are you transitioning to a new career? Do YOU KNOW what you are made of? Do you dream "out loud"…and in color? If not, you should be!

Our specialty is working with the “transitional career changer or entrepreneur “ and providing strategic re-careering services which gives you one-on-one attention for successful navigation with your specific career plan and brand. The Career Engineer (TCE) will partner with you to create the following:

• Specific Career Search Planning
• Power Interview techniques
• Job or Business Development
• Power Branding/Negotiation
• Strategic Career Planning & Pathways
• Recession Proofing Your Career or Business
• Personal Branding & Social Media Acceleration
• TCE University Training (Private & Public Workshops)

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Yes, we are the cheerleader in your corner! We are able to assist you with job search assistance, goal setting, resource development, syncing your work/family roles, and personal transitions. This is a partnership venture with homework/life work assignments, scheduled "push-up" meetings (virtual or in person) and "stepping out of the boat" is required.

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Whether you are ready for upward mobility, starting a new business venture or returning or transitioning within the workforce,; TCE Power Coaching services will ensure you can compete with the best…and win.. TCE Career Services are described below and can be customized. TCE Fits Most Budgets & Paypal Payment Plans Available! * Military and mid/executive management resumes may have additional fees.*

• TCE Resume Kiss or Full Service Design
• TCE Social Media Upgrade for Online Results
• TCE "Pick My Brain" Virtual Session
• TCE Brand "Re-Engineering" Session (70 Minutes)
• TCE Career Transition Services I (Under 5 years)
• TCE Career Transition Services II (10+ years)

Yes, TCE Can Serve YOUR Needs!
• Mid-senior level & Executive Coaching
• Upwardly Mobile Professionals
• Unhappily Employed (unsatisfied on the job)
• Returning to the Workforce
• College Graduates
• Veterans and Military retirees
• Career Readiness Programs & Services

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Q: I was curious as to what suggestions would you have for current college students who have not entered the workforce yet? Pat, Virginia


Q: I'd like to begin an active advertising campaign. I have an idea on target companies, but recruiters are more difficult. Does resume blasting services create a positive outcome? Or are they treated as spam? Peter, New Jersey


A Mind to Work

“Hi Francina, your book is great! Full of influential material, I have really liked it.” Monica, Uganda

“Read your book, it is awesome. God is truly blessing you with spreading your ideas and words for the job seekers and it applies to practical life. Your book is catching on to the world.” Mike, Chesapeake, VA

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Employment recovery is coming! Are you ready? Order your copy of A Mind to Work now!

Re-entry Package Resumes from $149 - $179, Don't Forget "The Push Up System" Audio CD's  & Our Book, "A Mind to Work" - The Life & Career Planning Guide For People Who Need to Work.

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