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TCE Social Media Upgrade

TCE Social Media "Touch Up" Service: Basically makes what you have LOOK BETTER, using 100% of YOUR established language/brand. This service includes 15 minute TCE Social Media Consultation and 30 minute TCE "Touch-up" time to your LinkedIn profile.

Social Media "Push Up" Service: Includes 30 minute virtual consult/assessment (by phone or skype) building on your current brand/language. Additional TCE Profile boosters, highlights and suggestions with a focus on LinkedIn Profile & Usage is standard with this service.

No Time to WORK Your LinkedIn?

$70 - TCE Pick My Brain Session

40 min. Virtual/Telephonic ONLY: Career or Biz Questions..and want to "Pick My Brain" ON Demand! No problem, just book this service...and get answers to your questions today. (Great for career professionals who NEED Quick Guidance for interviewing, job searching, or career/biz intel.)

Pick Your TCE Rate now!

$75.00 (per hour) TCE Job Source / Pitching

Just consider TCE your “Undercover Job search agent” with this service! TCE explores the market using our connections and/or technology to find suitable job leads, & pitch you to recruiters / headhunters. TCE will promote your Brand (Polished brands work best) to our “book of business”, while you sleep, eat and play. We will also provide lists of jobs that fit YOUR needs for your own application process. This service can be added to any TCE Coaching package and 4 hour blocks are a great start for this service. No we don’t guarantee a job, but we do put 150% of our efforts to increase your reach, leverage and prospects. By the way, most of our clients…land a job!

Let TCE Connect YOU, While You Sleep

$150 "Ask The Career Engineer" Session

Ask Your Questions, Get TCE Answers! (60 mins. Virtual or 1:1 session in local area only). you MUST submit your resume before the meeting. (*If interested in TCE Resumes ONLY-- investment range is $150 - $500 DOE!)

Love Mondays! Book Your TCE Session Now

$300 TCE Career Transition

Includes (1) 60 min. session of TCE career branding coaching, some pitching, pre/post emails, phone chats to clarify/re-engineer your career purpose / process. Includes resume (quick edits) & Social Media LinkedIn quick update. (Great for 1 -5 years in the workforce, transitioning from one career to another or been out of the work force for a while)

For Professionals Who Want the TCE Edge!

$ 500 TCE Career Transition

Includes (2) 60 min sessions of TCE career branding coaching, pitching, pre/post emails, phone chats to clarify/re-engineer your career purpose/process. Includes resume optimization/re-engineering & Social Media upgrade. (Great for mid-level professional 10+ years in the field, with strong work history and solid resume).


TCE Resume Service

Over 80% of our resume clients got Hired! Questions?

Need a Resume Only & Career Boost?

Word from the Career Engineer

f you don't like Monday mornings. then DO SOMETHING about it!

"The resume is a start…but solid career strategies and techniques will teach you how to play to win. Therefore, I recommend the investment in YOURSELF via our "Make Monday Mornings Better" packages!

Need More...take it up a notch with our extreme Monday Morning Makeover package. It's your game...why don't you play it to win! “
Francina R. Harrison “The Career Engineer.”

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