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Business Owners: Learn how you can market your Business to our local and global clients . We have sponsorships for The Career Engineers Network, Career Engineers radio & TV programs, Nyaanzaa Newsletter, Career Events, Retreats and B2B Networking Events.

Email us at: sponsorships@tcenow.com

Business, Non-profits and Faith based organizations

Harrison & Associates, home of The Career Engineers, can assist our business partners, non-profits and the faith community in finding the right employee, increasing human potential, restoring confidence until retirement, designing workforce programming/ministry infrastructure and motivation to “stop” living beneath your potential. Available partnerships in the following areas:
  • Fundraising: books signing with career seminar presentation.
  • Speaking: Deliver purpose driven and motivational themes to your audience
  • HR/Talent acquisition Splits: Talent Pool for passive, serious career seekers.
  • Outplacement Services: Layoffs, transitional expert
  • TV Show Sponsorship: Media buys for featured employer/business Sponsorship, advertising for Internet TV with access to 3.2 million viewers.
  • Employer Focused Training: Retention Focused , new Leadership Development,
  • Non-profits: Train the Trainer (workforce development programs), seminar presenter.
  • Faith Based: Develop Job/Career Ministries “No Saint should be in the unemployment line”

Let's Talk!
Partnerships are developed on a case by case basis. All partners should be credible, of good repute, and in business for at least two (2) consecutive years. For consideration, please forward a proposal of no more than two (2) pages in length along with full contact information to TCE via snail mail or email (no attachments). The proposal should provide an overview of your services/company, website (if applicable) and how you foresee your company and The Career Engineers working together. Those chosen will be personally responded to by Francina Harrison.

Inquiries concerning Sponsorships and Joint Ventures the Push Up Your Career tv show, Internet Television, should be forwarded to us via formal proposal on company letterhead. Special segments of PUYC are planned throughout the year and afford opportunities to showcase and further promote your business. All shows are scheduled at least four (4) weeks in advance. Serious inquiries only.

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