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The Career Engineer (TCE) is a resource/service for the business business community to build REALationships, that position decision makers, entrepreneurs, solo-prenuers to increase collaborations, develop partnerships, find talent and increase relationships = increased revenue! Below are the following ways that TCE can help you Build, Grow and Prosper!
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-* Professional Development & Retention *-

The Career Engineer (TCE) dba Harrison & Associates is committed to providing quality outplacement (layoff), workforce preparation/retention consulting service for individuals, groups, community based organizations, corporations, and faith-based groups.

We specialize in the "person-in-transition" and can develop an action-oriented and goal directed plan for “new level” direction. Our TCE training does not stop there; we have our cadre of experienced trainers in the areas of:

• First Time Supervisors
• Outplacement Services (Layoffs, Downsizing)
• Train-the-Trainers
• Employee Retention and Work/Life Syncing
• Professional Development

Let us customize a TCE workforce strategy session(s) that meets your organizations goals, vision and objectives. Consulting fees can vary from an hourly rate, per person fee…, or to a per day flat fee depending on organizational needs, goals, budgets and timelines.

TCE Outplacement Services for Employers

Layoffs, plant closings, & other work reduction situations present difficult times for your employees. Demonstrate your commitment by providing TCE Outplacement Services. We are available to come on-site (or virtually) to assist with re-careering and 21st century employment preparation, social networking platform building and resume design seminars, in addition to career direction/job search assistance.
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Increase Your Business & Brand!

The Career Engineer (TCE) dba Harrison & Associates, is branded locally and globally as an expert in the areas of Career and Business Re-engineering/Development & Human Performance.

A sought after speaker, author and motivator, your company’s sponsorship of TCE media programming, TCE Career & Biz Network, "People-toPeople" networking events, career fairs and retreats will place your company in front of our established and growing TCE fans, friends and client base.

Q:  Why should your HR department or company partner with The Career Engineer?


Q:  What is the Investment for Employment Partners & Sponsorships?


Corporate Sponsorships (Per Year) (Great for Diversity Talent Sourcing and Procurement.)

Become a TCE Corporate Sponsor or Partner to promote your business visibility, broker talent, diversity procurement initiatives and product placement.

Your investment will support innovative TCE programming and events that reach “John and Jane America…and consumers around the globe.” 

Customized Sponsorships for “next level” TCE Events: Ranging from $500 - $10,000.

Contact TCE to explore how this package can benefit your organization. Info@TCEnow.com , or call 757-745-4823



Featured on The Tavis Smiley Show, Entrepreneurs Magazine’s “Women in Business" radio show, Chicago Times, Seattle Times, and Houston Chronicle newspapers to name a few.  Partner with us now!

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