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Don’t Get Anxious – Get Prepared! (In Your Career, Business and Life)

$$-*  About Harrison & Associates, “The Home of the Career Engineer” ™ 

Harrison & Associates, “The Home of the Career Engineer” specializes in the transitional Career Seeker, Changer, Entrepreneur and “New and Used” Business Owners. H&A delivers customized career/business packages and solutions combined with opportunities to discover your power, test your potential and grow your enterprise. Francina R. Harrison has more than 12 years of serving and managing transitional career, business and life programs, combined with a Masters Degree in Social Work, and an undergraduate “Summa Cum Laude” status from Norfolk State University . Our partners and in-house associates or either degreed professionals, veterans in their fields (or both) to provide “result-driven” services to you. Our philosophy of “we don’t teach you what we think…we share what we know” makes us well suited to move your career, business or personal pursuits from concept to execution. Email us at: info@thecareerengineers.com

$$-*  Career Seekers - Career Changers…Build Confidence Until Retirement  *-$$

A Washington Post article dated 5/19/06 , reads “ Too many jobs, too few people!” So what does this mean to YOU? If you are STILL un-employed or under-employed, Harrison & Associates “The Home of the Career Engineer has “Concept & Execution” ™ styled services to get you to move past GO! Services such as: The Push Up System, Performance based resumes/cover letter, webinars, seminars and membership in the Career Engineers Networking opportunities and “Get a Life: Events to prepare you to take your life and career to the next level.

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$$-*  Lack Motivation - Lost Your Fire…Stuck in a Rut  *-$$

“Do you know your purpose? Have you tapped into your potential? Are you new to the area? Trying to “bust” out of your comfort zone? Are you enjoying your life, making things happen? Do you dream 'out loud'? If not, you should be! Our specialty is motivational work/life/business coaching services. At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, you will have to answer the question, “Are you living… and loving what you do.” If your answer is no…time to get connected, step out of the boat…or as we say “Time to Push Up!” Don’t know how…our book “A Mind to Work” The Life and Career Planning Guide for People Who Want Need to Work combined with our connection and coaching services will plant seeds in the right direction. We will become the cheerleader in your corner!

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$-*  Career Engineers University Training for Business Owners (Stop Getting Hustled.)  *- 

ew business owners and entrepreneurs, did you know that “The Hustler” is waiting for YOU! How do we know, because we have been hustled, lost $$ on empty promises, false hopes…due to lack of knowledge. Informed business owners keep hustlers away! We have qualified business resources, and “like-minded” alliances from accountants - websites! Harrison & Associates delivers 1:1 customized business consulting, group seminars, webinars that will train you to “work” your business, gain clients and stop losing $$$.

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$$-*  Get Your Organization in Front of Jon & Jane America….or the World.  *-$$

The Career Engineer has been featured on local, regional and national media. This has created an international brand and opportunity to reach a global audience. Let our hard work benefit your business or organization potential to gain potential clients. We offer opportunities to get in front of John and Jane America and the world via sponsorships of “The Career Engineers” network, events, publications, newsletters, seminars, webinars, radio and television shows.

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$$-*  “Hiring...How Much Will the Wrong Employee Cost YOU!”   *-$$

We have a pool of talent who have invested in their future and are looking for the right opportunity. 90% of our career seekers are employed, the other 10% are in the market due to layoff, relocation or severe under-employment. Let’s talk about how we can help you connect with the right talent, market your career opportunities, discuss retention strategies and avenues to market your business to our local, national and global audience.

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Francina R. Harrison, MSW
The Career Engineer ™
Author, Motivator, Radio Talk Show Host & Career Expert
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